The Smart Way To Brace Your Garage And Other Entry Doors

Many times most people believe that they should strengthen a gable roof by simply bracing the end walls, which are the most vulnerable to uplift in a hurricane, best you reconsider doing that. Look at it this way, folks. If your home has an attached garage, and most do, stop and think of that whole, wide roll-up garage door as a hurricane welcome mat. When a 100 mph wind hits thin aluminum panels that a garage door is most likely made of, that garage door will buckle and fail like an 800-pound elephant fell on it.

garage repair

Actually, whether you know it or not, in a hurricane the first thing to disappear from your property (about 90 percent) will be the garage door. The solution is to replace garage and other entry doors with storm-rated models. In other words, that means bracing the doors with steel construction, beefier rollers, hinges and tracks, and additional track-attachment points.

Why You Should Protect Your Windows

This is another case of simply finding the right nails. High winds and all that other stuff that is flying around the neighborhood during a hurricane will smash any window that is left unprotected like it was an ice cream cone. This, in turn, will then set off a catastrophic mother nature phenomenon known as internal pressurization. In other words, the blowing wind comes in a broken or damaged window or a broken door, and it has got to somehow get out. Ergo, the pressure will build to a point where the window will just explode out whatever weak spots it can find in what is left of your home.

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Facts To Remember: The Eastern Seaboard area from Miami to Boston and other gulf states in between are perfect candidates for lousy weather and hurricanes. And those of you who live in those areas should be worried. Especially, if you’re not prepared. That’s the bad news. The good news is that with a few common sense tools, a weekend or two, and a dab of know-how, most any homeowner can take steps to improve their odds of surviving a hurricane windstorm. You should also remember that your home is probably your largest, single investment and is always open for some love and affection. That said, if a storm is in your near future, your game plan for fighting and winning the battle starts right here.