The current question before the house of common sense is: If part of your new garage door, your front door, two front window shades and one side downstairs bathroom window that has been duct-taped up for 10 years has disappeared after the last hurricane, then don’t panic. You can find part of the garage door four blocks down the street in a shopping center. Not sure where the other stuff went, however, you might check your nearby neighbors’ yards for the window shades and bathroom window, and you can find most of your roof shingles out in the middle of the street right next to the police car who is currently writing you an expensive ticket for unnecessary loitering.protecting windows from hurricane

Well, folks, surely you know by now we are presenting a dab of humor safety for your consideration. But if you live in an area where horrible weather occasionally can become a reality, it’s no laughing matter. However, with your indulgence this article will target various aspects of home safety and the importance of hurricane shutters englewood Florida. Like how prepared do you really think you are if you live in an area where mother nature has a tendency to attack about once or twice each year bombarding you with hurricane winds along with some of that wet stuff called rain? This information will include your roof, garage door area, and windows that are usually the first to leave the area in monolithic wind storms.

Say Hello To Your Roof

You probably are not concerned, but your roof is your friend and depends on you to keep it safe and not spread his shingles all over the neighborhood. Think about this statement. Mother nature is smarter than a few shingles and your roof won’t stand a chance with a powerful, upward-sucking force like a hurricane. So if shingles or other roofing materials are not secured properly, you can say adios.

It works this way, folks. As a strong hurricane wind passes over any roof, they create a powerful force and if not secured, they will simply peel off and hit the road or some other place nearby leaving a rather large space for water to infiltrate. Your solution is to ensure your roof is constructed according to wind rating codes that conform to your living area. Look for the MPI rating on the label for asphalt adhesives. And if your contractor can’t provide that rating, find some roofing contractor who does.

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Special Note For Roofs

There is a product on the marketplace called the “uncommon nail.” It has an extra-large head, a rather beefy ring shank, plus spiral threads at the top. This particular nail is specifically designed to increase a roofs resistance to uplift forces nearly 100 percent. In recent tests, this nail did not “pull out” even after being subjected to wind gusts as high as 170 mph. You also might want to keep in mind that this added protection will only cost about $16 bucks for a whole house.